Our constitution states our main aim is "to address the social, health and wellbeing needs of men of all ages and backgrounds living in Inverness, through the creation, upkeep, and development of facilities in which men can meet and jointly or individually undertake creative, physical and recreational activities of their choice."
In particular, our purpose is to set up and operate a collective "Shed" where the user will be able to:
  • Share skills and interests, swap ideas and pass on knowledge.
  • Actively pursue hobbies and pastimes.
  • Work on projects that will aid the community and help develop a positive sense of achievement.
  • have a place to go and relax, drink a cuppa, discuss issues, share concerns, talk and have a laugh, knowing they are among friends.
  • Encourage others and promote general physical and mental wellbeing.
The participants in the Men's Shed benefit by:
  • improving self-esteem from using their skills for construction purposes.
  • With the opportunity to learn new skills and practice old one.
  • To have a place to go to spend time, outside the home, with people of similar interests.
  • overcoming isolation through getting out of the house and improve social interaction.
  • improving awareness of medical issues important to aging men.
  • Along with NHS Highland, we are leading the fight to reduce loneliness and isolation in men who, for whatever reason have time on their hands.
Important Notice
Inverness Men's Shed is a local volunteer-run facility that enables people to come together around practical projects of their own choice. It is a social facility with a practical bias. It is a registered charity with the sole aim of reducing loneliness and isolation, particularly amongst older men.
There are dangers in using this facility. The safety of everyone using the premises is, however, a shared responsibility. If you see anything that looks dangerous, whatever it is, we expect you to say or do something immediately.

Your responsibility is to ensure, your colleagues and visitors and your own safety by following any safety guidance given verbally or in writing and to maintain awareness of your own activities and those around you. Please follow Health and Safety guidance, including advice and training provided by the Shed. If unsure, seek the recommendation of a professional or specialist advice.

The Shed's responsibility is to ensure that equipment is properly maintained: that anyone using equipment is trained in its proper use: that workshop practices are safe: and that safety equipment, eg. first aid box is provided. The Directors exercise their safety responsibilities by appointing Safety Supervisors who have responsibility for the workshop in the absence of the Directors including who is allowed to enter and even if the Shed is to remain open.  
Alan Michael Director